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Michael Jackson game still in the works

Coming to consoles this year, say reports.

He may be dead, but that's not going to stop Michael Jackson appearing in a new videogame scheduled for release this Christmas.

MCV quotes "reports" as saying MJJ Productions has been working on the game "for several months".

The game is said to feature Jackson's likeness and voice, along with some of his biggest hits. It's not known whether it will be a beat-em-up in which no one wants to be defeated, a mat-based music title where you dance, on the floor, in the round, or a real-time strategy game involving turf war on a global scale which isn't about races but places, races, where your blood comes from and where your space is.

Plans are still going ahead for a "home console release". An MJJ Productions spokesperson is quoted as saying, "I am sure it will still be released. Michael loved games." Indeed, he almost made one with veteran developer David Perry, but ended up challenging him to an egg fight instead.