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House: PS3 motion controller at TGS

Show "will be well worth the wait".

Sony Europe president Andrew House has said that the PlayStation 3 motion controller will be shown off at the Tokyo Game Show rather than at this week's gamescom event in Cologne.

"Tokyo Game Show will be well worth the wait," he said. Eurogamer will be there to judge him.

Despite the absence of the wand/wands, which was/were announced at E3 in June, there was some sort of promotional video at the Sony gamescom conference reminding us that it can figure things out "down to a sub-pixel accuracy" and that "gone are the days of just standing there waving your arms around".

Gone also, as you may have heard, are the days of a fat PS3 that cost 300 quid, as the slim PS3 and price cut are now real, which is presumably also why nobody's talking motion control yet.