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PlayStation Move is back, and now in a PSVR double pack

Wand a relief.

We knew PlayStation Move would get a new lease of life when Sony's upcoming PlayStation VR headset launches, but now we know how the motion-sensing controllers will be sold: in a new double pack with PSVR branding.

The updated Move controllers (you'll want one in each hand) have a fresh product model number, although their basic design remains identical to the PS3-era originals.

Still, there are unconfirmed reports the controllers will now use Micro USB charging.

The image below comes from Aussie site Press-Start.

PlayStation Move remains an optional part of PSVR, however. Sony confirmed to Eurogamer back in July that all PSVR games will support DualShock 4 controllers as standard.

It's unknown how individual games will change when your PS4 detects a Move controller present, although Sony has already announced a bizarre PSVR gun peripheral which has a Move controller slotted in.

PlayStation VR launches here in the UK on 13th October for £349. You'll also need a PS4 Camera, if you don't have one already.

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