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PS3 worldwide sales: 50 million shipped

PlayStation Move sell-in tally at 8 million.

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The worldwide sell-in total for PlayStation 3 has teetered over 50 million units, Sony has announced.

PlayStation Move, the platform holder added, has shipped more than 8 million units.

The PS3 total was calculated on 29th March; the Move total on 3rd April.

Remember that these are sell-in numbers, which means the same thing as shipped: i.e. consoles sold to shops rather than shoppers.

The last we heard, on 1st April, worldwide PS3 sales - actual to-consumer sales - were alleged to be 43.4 million. Worldwide Xbox 360 sales were said to be lower, with the total standing at 42.9 million.

Move sales, on the other hand, are overshadowed by Kinect - the fastest selling consumer electronic device ever. Kinect sold 10 million units between November 2010 and January 2011.

Sony went on to announce that, as of 20th March, PlayStation Network counts more than 75 million registered accounts. Be mindful, however, that PS3 owners can have multiple accounts and that multiple devices share a PSN log-in, such as the PSP.

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