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PlayStation Move has shipped 8.3 million

But what does that mean?

Sony has shipped 8.3 million units of PlayStation Move worldwide.

That's according to a GDC Online talk given by Sony America developer support engineer Gabe Ahn, reported by GameSpot.

Six months ago, in April, Sony said more than 8 million Move units had been shipped worldwide.

That's a meagre difference of 300,000 units. If the two numbers are different, that is. Perhaps Ahn was simply being more specific, but using the same numbers Sony had back in April.

But what does 8.3 million shipped units of Move mean?

Shipped means units sold to shops, not units sold to consumers. So how many of those 8.3 million Move units have actually been sold?

And what constitutes a unit of PlayStation Move? Each PlayStation Move Motion Controller? Each PlayStation Move Navigation (nunchuk) Controller as well?

And how many households own more than one PlayStation Move Controller? The actual installed-base of PlayStation Move - number of households with Move hardware - may be far lower than the shipped figure suggests.

Gabe Ahn went on to make a few other noteworthy remarks during his GDC Online talk. He showed a "future of gaming" video that featured a man wearing a headset and sporting two Move controllers. He walked through a real-life car park seeing digital projections of Chimera enemies from the Resistance series of games, and shot them down.

"It could be Resistance 4," Ahn said. "It's a very cool concept."

Could Sony's new visor work with Move like this?

Ahn also showed a game called Johann Sebastian Joust, a Move duelling game set to music. You need to barge each other's controllers any way you can. But you must do this to the tempo of the game. Move too fast and you'll be eliminated.

PlayStation Move launched in September 2010.

Child of Eden for PlayStation Move.