PlayStation Move


VideoNew forest-set PlayStation Move game

Creepy new motion-controlled title shown.

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida

Vita, PS3, Move and more.

Sony: Why we turned down Kinect

Research and Design whiz Anton Mikhailov on the past, present and future of Move.

Key events

Sony's Shuhei Yoshida

Vita, PS3, Move and more.

At Gamescom this year Sony focused squarely on Vita, its PlayStation Portable successor, and the games you'll be able to play on it when it launches early next year in Europe. But it also found the time to showcase the stunning Uncharted 3, and announce a nifty PlayStation 3 price cut.

Xbox ahead in online-capable game sales

Xbox ahead in online-capable game sales

Sold twice as many as PS3 in 2010.

The Xbox 360 sells roughly twice as many online-capable games as the PlayStation 3 does, according to US stat-tracking company NPD.

NPD statistics for 2010, reported by Gamasutra, show Xbox 360 online-capable game sales were roughly seven times the Wii equivalent.

US shops sold nearly four times as many Xbox 360 digital points cards than PlayStation 3 cards – however, it should be noted that NPD's data does not include digital currency, such as Microsoft Points, bought through the consoles.

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PS3 worldwide sales: 50 million shipped

PS3 worldwide sales: 50 million shipped

PlayStation Move sell-in tally at 8 million.

The worldwide sell-in total for PlayStation 3 has teetered over 50 million units, Sony has announced.

PlayStation Move, the platform holder added, has shipped more than 8 million units.

The PS3 total was calculated on 29th March; the Move total on 3rd April.

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PlayStation Move PC support incoming?

Sony to discuss Move Server at GDC.

Sony could be about to unveil official PC support for its PlayStation Move motion controller, if a Game Developers Conference panel listing is to be believed.

Sony puts odd spin on December sales

Sony puts odd spin on December sales

PS3 only console growing "more valuable".

Sony has offered a strange retort to the Xbox 360 trouncing PlayStation across the US last month, stating that "PS3 is perhaps the only console that grows more valuable over time".

Is Sony suggesting people keep their PS3 so they can sell at a profit further down the line?

Sadly, probably not; it's likely a reference to the Blu-ray player or to stereoscopic 3D or to the myriad services that are appearing on the PlayStation Network.

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Kinect success "a surprise to us all"

But analysts won't write off Move.

With champagne corks no doubt still popping at Microsoft HQ following yesterday's news that Kinect shipped a staggering eight million units in its first 60 days on sale – three million more than its creator anticipated – industry analysts have conceded that the peripheral took them by surprise.

EA: Kinect/Move FPS "hard to imagine"

Riccitiello envisages "hiding behind couch".

Silver-haired EA overlord John Riccitiello finds it "really hard to imagine" a future where he's "hiding behind my couch, making a gun out of my finger" and shooting baddies in Call of Duty or Medal of Honor.

Kinect bundles outsell Move bundles 5-1

Plus: GT5, Donkey Kong sales figures.

Xbox 360 Kinect bundles outsold PlayStation 3 Move bundles by a factor of more than five to one in the US last month, according to a retail analyst.

November US sales: Sony's spin

November US sales: Sony's spin

Cites "early blockbuster success" for Move.

PlayStation 3 sales were well under half that of Xbox 360 during November, typically the biggest shopping month of the year. What's Sony got to say about that?

"This holiday season PlayStation celebrates," Patrick Seybold told Industry Gamers, deftly ignoring the point but addressing the Call of Duty fuelled growth of the videogame industry as a whole.

"The early blockbuster success of PlayStation Move has undoubtedly helped to pave the way for us as we head into 2011.

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Move and Kinect sales

Move and Kinect sales "neck and neck"

Sony ships 4.1m Moves, sells probably 2.5m.

Sales of Sony's Move and Microsoft's Kinect were today described as neck and neck as it emerged that Sony's official 4.1 million global sales figure for the Move actually relates to shipping – not sales to gamers.

Yesterday Sony directly countered Microsoft's 2.5 million global Kinect sales announcement with an announcement of its own: it's sold a whopping 4.1 million sales of the Move controller across the globe since its September launch.

However, while Sony's announcement used the word "sales" in relation to the impressive number, it actually meant "shipped". Shipped relates to sales to shops, whereas sales relates to sales through to gamers.

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Move is precise enough – Sony

Most games "not taxing it to full accuracy".

Sony is able to improve the accuracy of motion-sensing controller Move through firmware updates to the PlayStation 3 – but it may decide not to.

Sony: Why we turned down Kinect

Research and Design whiz Anton Mikhailov on the past, present and future of Move.

Is PlayStation Move merely an evolution of the Wii? Is it a poor substitute for the controller-free Kinect? Or is it the beginning of the future of motion controllers?

Kinect "can't do a good lightsaber game"

Move's will be "damn better", says Sony dev.

One of the chief architects of Sony's motion sensing platform PlayStation Move reckons the upcoming Star Wars game for rival motion sensing add-on Kinect won't be much cop.

Sony expects Christmas Move drought

Misjudged demand, apparently.

Planning on shoving a Move controller in a loved one's stocking this Christmas? Bad news: Sony is expecting shortages after misjudging demand of its new peripheral.

Will Kinect/Move boost 360/PS3 sales?

Will Kinect/Move boost 360/PS3 sales?

"Unlikely," says a new report.

Both Microsoft and Sony reckon motion sensing add-ons Kinect and Move will significantly boost sales of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 respectively, but a new survey from a respected analyst reckons that's "unlikely".

Firm Cowen's Fall 2010 Video Game Survey chatted to 1300 individuals and 1001 videogame players from the US, and, according to analyst Doug Creutz, the results suggest price cuts "would have been better".

"Although our survey results show strong demand for the two new motion sensing peripherals among current Xbox 360 and PS3 owners, demand among non-owners and prospective buyers appears tepid," Creutz said in a note.

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First blood for Kinect in sales war?

First blood for Kinect in sales war?

Retailer: Move will come 2nd this holiday.

After less than a week on sale, US retailer GameStop has picked Kinect as the first round winner in the Great Motion Controller War of 2010.

When asked whether Microsoft's Kinect add-on or Sony's Move would come out on top this Christmas, senior VP of merchandising and marketing Bob McKenzie told Eurogamer, "I'd say right now Microsoft's Kinect is looking to be the winner of the two for us.

"We're very happy with the sell through over the weekend. It has met our expectations and actually exceeded our initial forecasts."

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Sony: "Buttons are irreplaceable"

Don't push it, Microsoft, says Marks.

Worried that gaming is careering towards a buttonless, waggle-only future? Fear not - Sony has insisted buttons are here to stay.

Sony: Move piggybacked Kinect hype

"We're lucky MS made such a big deal of it."

PlayStation Move wouldn't have flourished in the public eye had Kinect not existed, Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studios, believes. The comparisons, he said, elevated Move.

Hirai: PS3 sales

Hirai: PS3 sales "better" than expected

Wants 100 per cent of owners on PSN.

Kazuo Hirai, the overlord of PlayStation, has announced that global PlayStation 3 sales for this financial year are on track to reach 15 million.

"As of the end of August, sales look a bit better than we expected," Hirai told Reuters at the Tokyo Game Show.

They certainly were. PlayStation 3 has recorded an enviable 13 months of consistent growth in the US, and is the best selling console in Japan this year (Media Create sales data courtesy of NeoGAF).

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Kitase: Kinect, Move "awkward" for RPGs

But motion mini-games could add "spice".

Microsoft and Sony reckon their motion control devices Kinect and Move will revolutionise the game industry, but one big hitter remains unconvinced of their relevance to that most hardcore of genres: the role-playing game.

Sony to release Move demos on PSN

For those who don't buy the bundle.

Sony will offer PlayStation Move demos to download on PSN for those who don't buy the bundle that includes a Move controller, PlayStation Eye camera and playable demo disc.

Digital FoundryThe Case for PS Move

And how Sony could have owned motion control six years ago.

The location: Stanford University. Sony's R&D mastermind Dr Richard Marks is once again showcasing motion control technology with a variety of ingenious technical demos very much along the lines of those recently seen by Digital Foundry. The difference this time is that the date is January 21, 2004 and the host console for the impressive tech is... PlayStation 2.

Sony's Ray Maguire

"3D is an early adopter market."

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe senior vice president Ray Maguire opened the Edinburgh Interactive Festival yesterday with a presentation on 3D gaming. His message: This time it's not a fad. It's for real.

MS took "shortcuts" with Kinect

Says creator of rival controller-free tech.

The creator of little-known motion detection technology iisu reckons Microsoft took "shortcuts" to get Xbox 360 add-on Kinect to market this November.

Sony's Andrew House

"3D is an option. It's not a mandate."

Sony's gamescom media briefing was different. Low key and relaxed (although not for those forced to stand), it saw SCEE president Andrew House give the gaming world an update on just how well the PlayStation 3 is now doing following, by his own admission, a “slow burn at the start”.

PS Move Japanese launch line-up

PS Move Japanese launch line-up

Sports Champions! Time Crisis! Resi 5! Etc!

Sony has announced the Japanese PlayStation Move launch line-up.

Move is released in Japan on 21st October (15th September in Europe) and will be escorted to market by six games and a patch for Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition.

According to the announcement on Sony's Japanese site (translated by Andriasang), the launch games are EyePet, Sports Champions, Beat Sketch (formerly Sing and Draw), High Velocity Bowling, Kung Fu Rider and Big 3 Gun Shooting (a compilation of Time Crisis: Razing Storm, Time Crisis 4 and Dead Storm Pirates).

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Sony's Michael Denny

European exec talks Move and more.

There's no doubt that Sony has made the biggest splash of all the platform holders at this year's Game Developers Conference. First came the rumours that the new PlayStation 3 motion controller would be called Move. That name was confirmed during the official press conference, during which Sony also revealed the controller will cost under a hundred dollars.

Sony reveals high hopes for PS3 wand

"Natal and Wii will have trouble matching."

Sony Computer Entertainment America exec John Koller has said the company is confident in the power of the PS3's new magic wand.

New details of PS3 magic wand emerge

New details of PS3 magic wand emerge

Biometrics! Baseball bats! Maracas!

Sony Computer Entertainment has filed a patent for an "Expandable Control Device Via Hardware Attachment" - the PS3's new motion-controlled magic wand, in other words

According to the patent application one model for the wand consists of a handle, a connector and a removable attachment. Another model has an attachment which "provides additional communication capabilities".

Examples given for use of the wand include flying virtual kites, karate fighting and sword fighting. The light-up ping pong ball is said to be able to provide feedback - "such as being when the player is "hit," to indicate the amount of life left, to flag when the controller is occluded from view of the camera, etc."

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Cage will "definitely" explore PS3 wand

Plus: QD confirms Heavy Rain demo.

Quantic Dream founder David Cage has told Eurogamer he will "definitely" explore using the PS3 wand for "mature" experiences once Heavy Rain is released early next year.

Sony lists internal wand launch projects

Sony lists internal wand launch projects

Echochrome 2! Ape Escape! Bowling.

As well as promising Resident Evil 5: Director's Cut and LittleBigPlanet support for the PS3's wand motion controller, Sony today revealed a list of launch games being developed internally to make use of it.

They are: Ape Escape, Echochrome 2, Eccentric Slider, Sling and Draw, Champions of Time, Motion Party, The Shoot, Tower, PAIN, Flower, Hustle Kings, High Velocity Bowling and EyePet. Some of those are on the market already of course, suggesting we'll see patches via PSN, and some of the others sound like extensions of technical demos showcased at E3.

The motion controller is due out in spring 2010 and features two motion sensors, a three-axes gyroscope, three-axes accelerometer, a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connection to the PS3, and a bit of rumble. It requires the PlayStation Eye camera to play, as it works in conjunction with the big-headed little peripheral.

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PS3 motion games only need one wand

Entry barrier must be "as low as possible".

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has told Eurogamer that launch titles for the PS3 motion controller will only require one of the handheld wands to play.

House: PS3 motion controller at TGS

Show "will be well worth the wait".

Sony Europe president Andrew House has said that the PlayStation 3 motion controller will be shown off at the Tokyo Game Show rather than at this week's gamescom event in Cologne.

Sony: PS3 wand is "best of both worlds"

PS Eye does casual, wand does precision.

Sony has said that its as-yet unnamed PS3 motion controller and the PlayStation Eye combo will cover off all the bases and remain relevant, despite Microsoft's hopes for hands-free Project Natal gaming.

E3: Sony: PS3 wand devkits already out

"A little bit past the research phase."

Sony America marketeer Peter Dille claims that development kits for the motion-sensing PS3 wand have already been sent to third-party studios and the technology is further along than we thought.

E3: Sony motion controller revealed

Purple-headed wand, 1:1 action.

Sony has waded into the motion controller arena, showing off a wand-like device during its E3 conference which looks to have a great range of applications to go with its 1:1 movement response.

PS3 "break apart" motion pad sighted

Uses Wi-Fi and PS Eye to track movement.

Sony has filed a US patent for the "break apart" motion-sensing PlayStation 3 controller, confirming "source"-fuelled speculation from the summer.