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Sony's Michael Denny

European exec talks Move and more.

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There's no doubt that Sony has made the biggest splash of all the platform holders at this year's Game Developers Conference. First came the rumours that the new PlayStation 3 motion controller would be called Move. That name was confirmed during the official press conference, during which Sony also revealed the controller will cost under a hundred dollars.

Afterwards, Eurogamer got to go hands-on with a range of titles currently in development for Move. We also sat down for a chat with Michael Denny, vice president of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe. Read on to find out what he had to say about the new controller, the balance between core and casual gaming and going head-to-head with Natal.

EurogamerWhy have you chosen to make the Move announcement at the Game Developers Conference? Why not save it for E3?
Michael Denny

It's just a very exciting time to show it off. The time felt right to announce something new at GDC. We've already released a lot of content this year, there's a lot to come, we've got a lot of announcements to come at E3 as well. With it launching later in the year we thought it was important to explain to people where we're going with it. The software's in a good state to put in people's hands.

EurogamerCan we expect lots of big surprises at E3, then?
Michael Denny

In terms of announcements generally in relation to PlayStation platforms and particularly games that are coming later in the year, absolutely. Very exciting announcements, I'm sure.

That's actually magic.
EurogamerWhy hasn't there been a European price point announcement today?
Michael Denny

Because we didn't announce price points today. We gave an indication of what the price will be under, in dollars. That wasn't the purpose of the event - the event was to explain more of what the system can do and for the first time, show the games we've been working on, which we're excited about, and get them into people's hands.

EurogamerSo the indication was that the controller will be sub-a hundred dollars. Can we assume it will also be sub-a hundred pounds?
Michael Denny

As I say, for me today's about the software we're showing here. I think people are having a good time and we're getting a great reaction.

EurogamerSo it could be more than a hundred pounds?
Michael Denny

You've asked that three times now...

Ha! Ridiculous! Nobody has four hands.
EurogamerYou haven't given me a straight answer...
Michael Denny

We announced what we were announcing on price today in the conference. I think you probably saw that the main part of the presentation was about trying to talk about what the system can do and the games we're making for it.

EurogamerWe also saw the sub controller for the first time today. Has that been in development all along, or has it perhaps come out of the response to the Move controller - from core gamers who say they want to sit on the sofa, not stand up and waggle?
Michael Denny

It's a good question. It was planned from the beginning, and we've always wanted to target both a social and casual audience, but add something to core games as well.

When you look at a game like SOCOM, I'm sure you can extrapolate what other games we'd want to use the new system for. The sub controller clearly helps it integrate into those games and give a different experience.

As you say, it's not all about standing up waving your arms around, because of the precision that comes with the controller. Clearly, sitting there and having more twitch-based gaming and core gaming - it can add a lot to those experiences as well.