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Sony puts odd spin on December sales

PS3 only console growing "more valuable".

Sony has offered a strange retort to the Xbox 360 trouncing PlayStation across the US last month, stating that "PS3 is perhaps the only console that grows more valuable over time".

Is Sony suggesting people keep their PS3 so they can sell at a profit further down the line?

Sadly, probably not; it's likely a reference to the Blu-ray player or to stereoscopic 3D or to the myriad services that are appearing on the PlayStation Network.

"Since PlayStation Move was introduced in September, millions of consumers and gamers have joined the PlayStation family," began Sony spin doctor Patrick Seybold. "The key to Move's long-term success is developer and publisher support; enabling PlayStation to offer the most diverse line-up of motion and 3D games.

"The combination of innovative hardware and a relentless line up of blockbuster titles is why the PS3 is perhaps the only console that grows more valuable over time.

"As we come out of the gates in 2011," he added, "PlayStation is brimming with new games to whet the appetite for all gamers, like next week's highly anticipated launch of LittleBigPlanet 2, which received top scores. And right around the corner, Killzone 3 is positioned to set a new standard in hardcore gaming as the first AAA title to utilise both 3D and Move functionality."

Notably absent from Sony's response were sales figures for PlayStation 3 or sales figures for PlayStation Move. The only point Sony commented specifically on was software sales.

"According to the December NPD, PlayStation is the only console company to show year over year software growth with an impressive 32 per cent increase in sales," said Seybold. In August, that year-over-year increase belonged to PS3 hardware.

Seybold went on to talk about the 50 PlayStation Move-supported PlayStation 3 titles currently available and the "close to 20 titles still on the horizon". He then boldly promised "PlayStation's steady expansion of software titles to create what is without doubt the most exciting line-up of motion control gaming options available to consumers today".

"We look forward to the year ahead as we continue to deliver the kind of compelling, innovative and diverse content experiences that have kept the PlayStation brand synonymous with premier entertainment for over 15 years."