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Sony: Over 4.1 million Moves sold


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Image credit: Eurogamer

Just hours after Microsoft announced 2.5 million sales of Kinect, rival Sony has announced 4.1 million sales of PlayStation Move.

Move's done the business in the two months since its September release.

The 4.1 million number is accurate as of November 2010 and reflects global sales, Sony said. It does not include sales of the stand-alone PlayStation Eye camera or the stand-alone PlayStation Move navigation controller. The Eye is required to use Move.

There are more than 25 supported or dedicated Move games available to buy in Europe. Sony listed Sports Champions, Start the Party, EyePet Move Edition, MAG and SingStar Dance as "successful titles".

More than 41.6 million PlayStation 3 consoles have been sold across the globe.

While Sony has so far refrained from predicting sales figures for its motion controller, Microsoft has committed to selling five million Kinect units before the end of the year. It's on track to do so, the US giant said.

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