Singstar Dance


SingStar Guitar

Vocal chords.

SingStar Dance

Nice moves.

VideoSingstar Dance ups the humiliation potential

And it was already pretty high, to be honest.

Key events

18th November 2010

SingStar Guitar

8th November 2010

SingStar Dance

SingStar free-to-play interview: PS Eye as a mic, not the end of boxed releases

"We want to go back and recreate the success that we had on PlayStation 2."

Grateful dad completes 24-hour solo SingStar record

Nearly Ł3000 raised for hospital charity.

Sony: some spend thousands on SingStar

"A very few" own over 900 songs.

Sony cancels games across UK studios

Sony London, Liverpool and Evolution hit.

SingStar Guitar

Vocal chords.

SingStar Dance

Nice moves.

No SingStar Dance bundle for Europe

Double-mic deal only for the US.

SingStar Dance tracklist revealed

Unleash your inner Gaga.

VideoSingstar Dance ups the humiliation potential

And it was already pretty high, to be honest.

Sony announces SingStar Dance, Guitar

New mechanics for singing series.