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Sony announces SingStar Dance, Guitar

New mechanics for singing series.

Sony has announced two new SingStar spin-offs that introduce guitar playing and dancing gameplay for people to do in the background.

SingStar Guitar will work with any existing PS3 guitar peripheral - Activision and MTV make about 48 of them if you're after one - but has no release date.

SingStar Dance will use PlayStation Move - out 15th September in Europe - and PlayStation Eye to measure your shape-throwing skills. A Sony America game list claims it's out in November.

According to producer Jonathan Mead, speaking to PlayStation.com (thanks VG247), both games will "have a presence on the SingStore" that will "evolve and develop over time".

We tapped up Sony for more info and were told that songs will be sold through the store that include Dance and Guitar elements.

"SingStar has a great online community and people are always uploading videos. Often you can see people in the background who want to take part, and this gives them the opportunity to really be involved actively with the people who are singing, whether that's by dancing or playing guitar," Mead told PlayStation.com.