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Sony: some spend thousands on SingStar

"A very few" own over 900 songs.

How many extra SingStar songs have you bought and downloaded? 10, 20?


There are people out there - "a very few" - who own more than 900 SingStar songs, Sony revealed to Eurogamer - a figure that represents roughly £1000 of content.

There are even "a few hundred users who have downloaded over 500 songs".

SingStar songs today cost £1.15 to download individually or £5.35 to download as part of a multi-track Song Pack.

Those statistics and more were revealed to Eurogamer by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and follow an illuminating comment made by SingStar game director Dave Ranyard at the Develop Conference 2011.

He said he'd been told about "someone who's got 735 songs in SingStar", which he worked out to be "about £800 of content they've bought".

Sony went on to tell Eurogamer that 27 per cent of SingStar users have downloaded more than 40 songs; 64 per cent have downloaded more than 10 songs; and 89 per cent have downloaded more than one song.

You can supplement your song collection by buying SingStar PS2 or PS3 disc releases, which contain anything up to 30 new songs. But songs on another disc cannot be ripped and stored on the PS3 hard drive - you must have the appropriate disc inserted to play.

SingStar was released on PS3 in 2007, and was awarded 8/10 in Eurogamer's SingStar PS3 review. Numerous supplementary releases - as well as wireless microphones and dance and guitar-enabled editions - have launched since then.

There was SingStar Vol. 2, SingStar Vol. 3 and SingStar ABBA in 2008; SingStar Pop Edition, SingStar Queen, SingStar Motown and SingStar Take That in 2009; and SingStar Dance and SingStar Guitar in 2010.

SingStar Back to the '80s was announced for PS3 earlier this month. The game will be out in time for Christmas.

SingStar Dance and SingStar Guitar add new angles to the karaoke game.