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SingStar free-to-play interview: PS Eye as a mic, not the end of boxed releases

"We want to go back and recreate the success that we had on PlayStation 2."

Grateful dad completes 24-hour solo SingStar record

Nearly £3000 raised for hospital charity.

SingStar free-to-play interview: PS Eye as a mic, not the end of boxed releases

"We want to go back and recreate the success that we had on PlayStation 2."

Grateful dad completes 24-hour solo SingStar record

Nearly £3000 raised for hospital charity.

Grateful dad attempts 24-hour solo SingStar record

As thanks to Great Ormond Street for helping his daughter.

Sony: some spend thousands on SingStar

"A very few" own over 900 songs.

Sony cancels games across UK studios

Sony London, Liverpool and Evolution hit.

SingStar site lets you browse catalogue

Plus view performances from players.

Video | Girls just wanna have Tom

Sony's official video of EG's editor.

Video | Brammers vs. SingStar at Bestival

Eurogamer's editor does his falsetto.

Video | New SingStar PS3 features

Online battles! Vibrato! Community!

Video | SingStar Summer update

Your neighbours are going to love you.

SingStar gets 'Remote' features in June

Also: feedback for "natural vibrato".

SingStar Online battles in June

Beta test soon, if you fancy it.

Sony reveals the SingStar Viewer

Browse SingStore/community without disc.

Four more SongPacks due for SingStar

Jackson 5! Eddy Grant! Meatloaf! IL DIVO!!!

SingStar hits 20m sold, gets big patch

4.3 fixes bugs, introduces new features.

SingStar dev sorry for catastrophe patch

Deletes songs, crashes game, corrupts files.

Universal songs to appear in SingStore

Cher! Tiffany! Girls Aloud! Keane.

Sony reveals next week's SingStore songs

Euro Anthems in time for Eurovision!

SingStar update delayed till next week

No voice control or Trophies just yet.

SingStar gets voice control, Trophies

Courtesy of new update released today.

Nearly 100,000 SingStar videos uploaded

With more than 10 million views.

SingStar Extras to offer new game modes

Paid-for or free download additions likely.

SingStar wireless mics "next year"

With USB receiver, 2xAA batteries each.

SingStar backwards compatibility arrives

SingStar PS3 to work with PS2 discs Tues.

Christmas SongPack for SingStar

McCartney! Babyface! Braxton! Stevens!

Two SingStar Queen packs tomorrow

Will cost GBP 4.49 each. What no Flash?

SingStar boss leaves Sony for Atari

Bozek to realise the Harrison vision.

26 new songs for SingStore

Chumbawamba, Starship, Flaming Lips, etc.

PS2 songs in PS3 SingStar clarified

Won't involve ripping to hard disk.

SingStore update this Friday

Proclaimers! Braxton! New Kids! Foreigner!

Next-gen SingStar at Leipzig

Reeves reacts to Lips announcement.

33 new songs for SingStore tomorrow

That's Friday night sorted.

New songs appear in SingStore

Queen! Bros! 2raumwohnung!

More songs for PS3 SingStore

There's that Avril Lavigne again!

Sony doing Euro-wide talent search

SingStars sought by men in VW Combi.

Sony tots up SingStar sales

Over 12 million copies now sold.

More SingStar PS3 songs tomorrow

Orbison, Ocean, Joel, Bedingfield etc.

Recycled SingStar song delay explained

Have to be re-cleared for use.

SingStore to get meaty update

Bit of recycling going on.

Sony promises SingStore improvements

Reacts to complaints from fans.

Review | Singstar PS3

Turn on, tune in and cough up.

SingStore PS3 pricing unveiled

A quid a track. Loads at launch.

SingStar PS3 finally dated

In time for Christmas parties.

Feature | PS3: 12 Games of Christmas

Tumbling down the chimney.

SingStar PS3 in December

Sony gets calendar out.

SingStar PS3 release in limbo

Still in testing, says Sony.

Feature | SingStar PS3

Karaoke goes next-gen.

SingStore price rumours dismissed

Sony says it's all still TBA.

Sony hints at SingStore prices

No more expensive than iTunes.

PS3 SingStar details

We chat to the devs. It's a launch title, and PS2 support will continue.

SingStar PS3


New PS3 screens

Motorstorm, F1, Singstar PS3.