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SingStar boss leaves Sony for Atari

Bozek to realise the Harrison vision.

SingStar boss Paulina Bozek has joined Atari to head a new London-based creative studio that will focus on mass-market games and online services for PC and consoles.

Bozek leaves Sony after six years as executive producer for the SingStar series, which has clocked-up 15 million worldwide sales and around GBP 250 million in revenue.

She, of course, rejoins old boss Phil Harrison under the Atari banner, which she said has a "great vision" that she can't wait to get stuck into realising.

"I am very excited to be joining Atari at this pivotal time for both the company and the industry. There is a huge opportunity as gaming platforms become more ubiquitous, more connected and attract more mainstream audiences," said Bozek, tunefully.

Phil Harrison left his post as head of Sony Worldwide Studios back in March, to become president of Atari alongside big-boss and old friend David Gardner.