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Nearly 100,000 SingStar videos uploaded

With more than 10 million views.

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SingStar players have uploaded over 96,000 videos to the game's community pages using PlayStation Network, Sony told Eurogamer this week.

Altogether those videos have been viewed over 10.7 million times, and nearly 160,000 pieces of content, including photos, have been uploaded in total.

Sony also offered a glimpse into the popularity of downloadable content, revealing that total downloads for the week ending 3rd April were over 10,000.

The most popular song download in the UK was "Run" by Leona Lewis. See below for a full top ten countdown.

SingStar has been available on PlayStation 3 since the end of 2007 in Europe, where Sony recently launched wireless microphones for GBP 34.99.

According to series director Dave Ranyard, speaking to Eurogamer, London Studio is likely to reveal new gameplay features later this year. Support for voice controls should launch as soon as this month - as part of SingStar Vol. 4 and as a free download via PSN.

For more on how SingStar works, and where it's going in future, check out yesterday's SingStar: Past, Present and Future feature.

Here's the UK's top ten SingStar downloads for last week:

  1. Leona Lewis - "Run"
  2. Queen - "Bohemian Rhapsody"
  3. The Ting Tings - "That's Not My Name"
  4. Dizzee Rascal feat. Calvin Harris - "Dance Wiv Me"
  5. Vanilla Ice - "Ice Ice Baby" [seriously? - Ed]
  6. Billy Joel - "Tell Her About It"
  7. Phyllis Nelson - "Move Closer"
  8. Outkast - "Roses"
  9. Elvis Presley - "Suspicious Minds"
  10. P!nk - "Just Like A Pill"

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