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Sony announces odd-looking PS VR Aim Controller that looks like it belongs to Tracer

Cheers luv!

Sony has announced a bespoke PlayStation VR gun controller peripheral for a new virtual reality game called Farpoint.

The gun is white and tubular with a glowing Move tracking bobble on the nozzle and various buttons and a thumbstick around the frame. The frame bends all the way around like a wonky rectangle drawn by a child, and if you squint it looks like one of the guns Overwatch hero Tracer holds OK?

The PS VR Aim Controller, which looks pleasingly SNESY and a bit like a hospital accessibility rail you find in a toilet.
I'll just pop this here. Johnny Chiodini made this. Well done Johnny.

The PS VR Aim Controller, to give it its formal name, apparently replicates 1:1 tracking between your aiming and firing in the real-world and in game. It appears to be an updated version of the PlayStation Move Sharpshooter peripheral. Looks a bit friendlier than an assault rifle (!) and is in-keeping with the white, curvy design of PlayStation VR.

The game Farpoint is a PlayStation VR exclusive and is made by Impulse Gear. It's a space adventure set on a planet where the aliens ain't so nice, and when you crash there you find yourself in a bit of a pickle. There's a gameplay trailer showing how the gun moves in game and it looks a bit juddery to me - but these things are always hard to judge until you actually have the device in your hand.

Cover image for YouTube videoFarpoint | E3 2016 Announce Trailer | PS VR