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Ex-Gizmondo boss goes back to jail again

Robbery! Blackmail! Threats! Etc.!

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Naughty former Gizmondo boss Stefan Eriksson has been sent back to prison by a Swedish court.

According to The Local - SWEDEN'S NEWS IN ENGLISH - he's been given an 18 month sentence for a rainbow of crimes such as "illegal threats, attempted blackmail, and robbery". Goodness knows what he'd have gotten for something really serious.

His lawyer, Björn Sandin, said, "My immediate reaction is that this is unacceptable, but we must sit down and discuss how we should proceed." Why not try hiding a file in a cake?

Eriksson was previously the leader of criminal fraternity the Uppsala Mafia, but gamers know him best as the man who brought us the Gizmondo. Then crashed an illegally imported million-dollar Ferrari while driving on the Pacific Coast highway at 162 miles an hour. Then claimed to know nothing about a gun magazine found near the wreckage and blamed it all on a man called Dietrich. Then ended up getting imprisoned for embezzlement. Oh Stefan, why couldn't you have just set up a successful mobile phone manufacturing company like your brother Sony?

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