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Modern Warfare 2 costs GBP 55

Correction: NFS Shift priced normally.

(Correction: This story originally stated that Need for Speed: Shift would retail for a higher-than-usual price in the UK, but this is not the case. "There has been no change in our trade pricing policy and no change in RRP," the publisher told us on Friday. Shift is available for GBP 44.99 from GAME or can be purchased as a Collector's Edition with added extras. We sincerely regret the error.)

Activision has confirmed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will arrive this autumn with a suggested retail price of GBP 54.99, as a weak pound and record development costs take their toll. Their toll of GBP 54.99, to be specific.

Other publishers are expected to follow suit, claims MCV.

"You can't continue to trade as normal when the biggest territory in Europe has seen cost of goods increase by 30 per cent due to the strengthening of the Euro. Publishers somehow need to offset this drastic increase in costs," commented THQ's publishing boss Ian Curran.

Nintendo addressed the issue in March by pushing the price of the Wii to 199.99 - a price hike of around 20 quid.

The problem comes, however, if and when the pound returns to strength. Do those already established trade prices then drop?

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