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Persona 3 Portable dated for US

PSP version of Atlus' RPG cult.

Atlus has announced that Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable, the PSP version of the cult PS2 RPG, will be released in North America on 6th July.

P3P, as Atlus insist on calling it, adds the option to play as a female character, with changes to the game's storyline and social elements. You also get a number of interface and battle system enhancements.

We're not aware of any European release plans, so those on this side of the Altantic may need to import.

RPG fans who missed out on Persona 3 and don't have a PS2 should definitely consider it. "This is one of the finest RPGs on the PS2 - and that, in itself, is a huge accolade," wrote Rob in our 9/10 review a couple of years ago.