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PomPom's PSP Mini this month

Mutant Storm men bring Alien Zombie Death.

Mutant Storm creators PomPom Games are releasing a PSP Mini called Alien Zombie Death.

The 2D platform "survival shooter" will cost £2.50 "or something similar" and appear on the PSP Minis channel this month if "all goes well".

Players take control of a lone spaceman who must defend himself for as long as possible against waves of alien zombies on simple platform layouts.

"We originally wanted a single level you could play that got hard very quickly and that was that. Sell it cheap as nuts and hope people dig it," said artist Michael Michael in his PlayStation Blog post.

"But… 2 or 3 enemies became 9 or 10 and one level became 14 and before we knew it we had weapon power-ups, score multipliers, coin pickups, bonus UFOs, a menagerie of different beasties and lots of medals to collect."

Sounds good. We trust PomPom to do this sort of thing right.