Alien Zombie Death

Download Games Roundup

Download Games Roundup

Bit.Trip Void, Shoot 1Up, Alien Zombie Death and Mega Man 10.

Editor's note: As you may have noticed, internet gaming is inconveniently big and untidy, with new digital distribution channels springing up all the time. Where it was once just Steam and Xbox Live Arcade, we now have to worry about the App Store, PSN, WiiWare, Xbox Indie Games channel, DSiWare... These days, all the cool kids have their own digital distribution racket. Good content is harder to find, and from the perspective of a website like Eurogamer, it's now more resource-intensive to cover a smaller cross-section of games as a result. Whoops!

That's no excuse for not doing it, of course, so we've decided to embrace the fact it's not practical to write big individual reviews of absolutely everything, and that it's also not useful to you if we wait around for ages and then round up a bunch of old games. To this end we're going to experiment with multiformat digital download roundups, and former editor and downloadophile Kristan Reed is going to write them. To kick off, er, here's a roundup of a bunch of old stuff. Look out for more soon.

Shoot 1UP

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PomPom's PSP Mini this month

Mutant Storm men bring Alien Zombie Death.

Mutant Storm creators PomPom Games are releasing a PSP Mini called Alien Zombie Death.