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Arcanum - do not inhale

Deliveries delayed in UK by toxic chemicals .. no, really

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Image credit: Eurogamer

We have heard a lot of bizarre excuses for a game being delayed in the past, but Vivendi Universal Interactive have just taken the biscuit by claiming that a batch of copies of their role-playing game Arcanum (which is due for release on Friday) arrived at their distributor in the back of a truck full of toxic chemicals. Now, we don't really believe them either, but the photographic evidence certainly seems to bear out their unlikely story, showing shrink-wrapped boxes marked Arcanum in front of a ramshackle pile of bright orange barrels labelled "toxic" and "harmful by inhalation and if swallowed".


We still suspect that this is some kind of odd marketing ploy, but regardless of whether or not Universal really did refuse to accept the delivery in question, the good news is that the game is still expected to appear in stores in the UK on Friday. So presumably at least some copies of the game came through without any toxic encounters. Oh dear...

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