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Eurogamer beats IGN at MAG event

But everyone loses to Americaland.

Eurogamer walked away triumphant, victorious and unbearably smug from last night's MAG tournament, beating rivals IGN 2-0.

Dozens of loyal readers flocked to the P3 venue in London's Baker Street for the event, where they were kept waiting for just hours before being let in. Then it was action stations as 64 specially selected operatives took on 64 of IGN's finest and proved they were even finerer.

Eurogamer regular Tim, 18, from Uxbridge, scored the most points in the first round, which did we mention we won. "It's a great game but you need teamwork - you need everyone to work together and then it's even better," he observed. "Everyone was working well as a team so we got all our objectives done."

Tim was also on top in round two, which saw IGN told who's boss in just eight minutes. "We beat them a lot quicker so that's always good," Tim said. The secret to Eurogamer's success? "Good teamwork and great leadership, that's what's important."

"When Eurogamer gets together, instinct and intuition just takes over," chimed in Colin, 37, from London. "It's that hive mind. It's the fact you're picking up on the news even before you get it. Or making it up as you go along, and it's just quite enjoyable that most of it turns out to be true."

IGN readers were less vociferous about the power driving Eurogamer's victory, with 19-year-old Londoner Ciaran telling us, "I've heard of Eurogamer. I've seen the magazines. Haven't they got magazines?"

Both teams then put their differences aside to join forces and take on developer Zipper Interactive, all the way over in the States, in an epic 128 vs. 128-player match. Zipper won. "They just camped and shot the f*** out of us," said one anonymous observer.

Despite the defeat many attendees agreed it had been a great event, not least because there were free sweets, sausages and beers. On top of that every tournament participant received a free special edition copy of MAG, which will be playable once the game launches and the servers go live on 26th January. "Great game, great event, Eurogamer won - yeah, great, excellent, thank you very much," summed up Phil, a 26-year-old Caterham resident.

But not everyone enjoyed themselves quite so much. "The queuing was the main thing, because I needed a wee quite badly," said Robin, 31, from London. "But yes, we've had a lovely time, thanks for having us."

Thanks indeed to Sony, especially for the games and sausages, and to IGN for bringing it. Look out for our full review of MAG soon.

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