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Game Room decorations are unlockable

Plus: once owned, games are free.

Microsoft's told Eurogamer that Game Room decorations needn't be bought as they can be unlocked inside the games themselves.

High scores mean prizes, and you could walk away with a retro theme, prop or mascot for achieving them. You can also whip the wallet out and purchase them, but for how much Microsoft's not ready to divulge: "There's no more information at this time," a spokesperson explained.

As announced at CES 2010, 30 retro titles will be available for Game Rooms at launch this spring. As for additional titles, the platform holder told us they'll be added each week. Remember, Microsoft hopes to have 1000 available after roughly three years.

Each of those games costs 240 MSP (£2/€2.80) to own, either on PC or Xbox 360 - a dual-licence to own the title on both platforms costs 400 MSP (£3.40/€4.65). Leaderboards, Achievements, challenges and taunts are shared. And once you own the game, you'll never have to pay to play.

We're not sure whether there's an upper limit on how many games/cabinets one person can own, or whether multiple games can be played on one cabinet.

Those that don't own a game must pay 40 MSP (£0.34/€0.47) for the privilege, which should represent two turns' worth - although the length of time playing will depend on the style of game being played. It's not clear whether friends visiting your Game Room will have to pay to play, but that would obviously be brilliant.

Remaining answers will be cleared up when we can see Game Rooms with our own eyes.