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Microsoft reveals Game Room for Live

Virtual Avatar arcade to "trick out".

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Microsoft has announced a new Xbox Live and Games for Windows - Live feature called Game Room, which is due for launch this spring.

It's a virtual arcade that Avatars can walk around and play in, challenging friends to retro-flavoured competitions. You'll also be able to build or "trick out" your own arcade space and invite your friends there, according to a CES 2010 video on the Microsoft press site.

There will be 30 playable Game Room titles at launch, including "classics" Space Hawk, Sea Battle, Football, Astrosmash, Sub Hunt, Millipede and more - most of which were unreadable on the video. A subsequent press release tells us over 1000 games will be released throughout the next three years. New games will be released weekly.

You'll need to buy each game but they'll be transferrable between PC and Xbox 360 Live accounts and share leaderboards and Achievements.

Krome Studios is the developer behind the wheel.

We'll bring you more news as Microsoft's CES 2010 press conference unfolds.

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