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Ron Jeremy takes a pop at videogames

Reckons they're worse for kids than porn.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Porn star Ron Jeremy has declared that videogames have a worse influence on children then videos of the type he makes.

Jeremy was speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, as reported by PC Mag. He came under fire from anti-porn activist Craig Gross who claimed porn is "a cheap substitute for sex" and one which gives children "a false expectation".

In response Jeremy said, "We don't want kids to watch porn," adding that there are worse things to worry about. "[Studies have] found that violent video games are much bigger a negative influence on kids," he claimed.

Besides, Jeremy said, Mums and Dads should take responsibility for the content their children have access to. "Parents better start to learn the internet," he suggested.

What's your view, readers? Is porn worse than games? Or is games worse than porn? What about games which is porn? You could read that article we did about Hentai in 2007 if you're that bothered, or just play Custer's Revenge.

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