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SSFIV Collector's Edition unveiled

Plus free costume packs on release.

Capcom has announced details of a Collector's Edition for Super Street Fighter IV in Japan. EventHubs has the details.

It will be released alongside the normal version of the game in April. The news comes via the Japanese Street Fighter blog. It's not confirmed for release outside Japan, although Western fans may be able to get it direct from Capcom.

There'll be a CD featuring all characters' background music, a collection of promo videos and trailers, a book of character art and a story included in the Collector's Edition. Another "special item" will be revealed at a later date.

Xbox 360 owners also get exclusive content - an anime about new character Juri from Afro Saumrai director Kizaki,

There will also be a Super Classic Pack offering third alternate costumes available for free download when the game launches. The costumes are for Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Gen and Fei Long. You'll need to buy it after 1st July.

We've contacted Capcom to check on European release plans for all of this.