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EVO 2011: Daigo enters MVC3 ring

Are you watching, Justin Wong?

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Japanese fighting game legend Daigo "The Beast" Umehara has thrown down the gauntlet to his Western rivals and declared he will enter the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ring at this year's Evo Tournament.

In a video, below, the current Street Fighter IV world champion delivered a message to all EVO 2011 competitors.

"Last year, when both the West and Japan got Super Street Fighter IV at the same time, the whole world started on an equal footing.

"We saw how that turned out.

"This year you guys will have a little head start. Hopefully your 10 years of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 experience with brand newcomers challenges will make for an interesting match.

"I'll see you in July."

The Beast then proceeds to show clips of his MVC3 prowess. They're impressive.

Western players have traditionally dominated the Marvel vs. Capcom competitive scene.

Justin Wong, who has already won a number of MVC3 tournaments since the game launched earlier this year, will be particularly interested in The Beast's video message.

Wong is the favourite for the MVC3 title at EVO 2011, but now Umehara has committed himself to the game, will he win?

The EVO world finals take place at Rio Las Vegas 29-31 July and will be streamed online.

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