Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition


Has Street Fighter been dumbed down for 3DS?

Eurogamer vs. Yoshinori Ono FIGHT!

VideoSuper Street Fighter IV 3D gameplay

Extended footage has 11 mins of brawling.

VideoSuper Street Fighter IV 3D gameplay

35 characters - which are you?

Key events

EVO 2011: Daigo enters MVC3 ring

Are you watching, Justin Wong?

Japanese fighting game legend Daigo "The Beast" Umehara has thrown down the gauntlet to his Western rivals and declared he will enter the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 ring at this year's Evo Tournament.

Capcom: we'll keep our fighters in check

"BloodStorm we knew was garbage."

Capcom has promised fighting game fans it won't repeat the mistakes of the nineties and run Street Fighter and its other fighting games into the ground with multiple titles and overly complex mechanics.

UK top 40: Crysis 2 leads 3DS pack

3DS launch titles fare well.

The UK all-formats chart is rocked by a raft of new arrivals this week, the best selling being EA's blockbuster shooter Crysis 2, which tops the list.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

There are few actions in gaming more satisfying in themselves than the simple unleashing of a Hadoken. The eventual connection with an unguarded opponent is always a delicious bonus.

This feeling is the essence of Street Fighter, and something Capcom nailed two decades ago as Street Fighter II hit arcades and went on to enjoy global success on countless platforms. And it's a feeling that has been preserved in the series ever since, despite ever-changing layers of complexity piled on top, as the franchise and technology has evolved.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition poses a fascinating question, then: can the basic thrill of the quarter-circle-punch combination be captured with direction-input removed entirely in a single tap?

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Ono: Street Fighter III scared off gamers

SFIV intended as a "happy class reunion".

Street Fighter III closed off Capcom's brawling franchise to all but the most experienced players, leading to a more inclusive revamp for the fourth entry in the series, producer Yoshinori Ono has revealed.

The presentation by a charmingly exuberant Yoshinori Ono was the highlight of Nintendo's 3DS conference in Amsterdam last week, an event which was otherwise often dreary and overlong. And, despite a warehouse-load of competition, the Street Fighter producer's game was arguably the highlight of the entire event.

Nintendo 3DS Japanese launch line-up

Nintendo 3DS Japanese launch line-up

Plus battery life details.

Nintendo has announced the Japanese launch line-up for its upcoming 3DS handheld and posted detailed specs for the handheld that reveal its battery life.

The biggest of the launch games are probably Nintendogs+Cats and Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle, with the rest of the list made up of third-party titles.

Here's the line-up and pricing courtesy of Famitsu:

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