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Ono considering more 3DS Street Fighter

Both Arcade Edition and X Tekken discussed.

More Street Fighter could be on its way to the 3DS, series producer Yoshinori Ono has revealed.

Speaking in an interview with Siliconera, Ono explained that his team was in discussion about how best to follow-up the success of Super Street Fighter IV 3D, which remains the best-selling third party title on Nintendo's new handheld.

"For the 3DS, I wanted to do an [Super Street Fighter IV:] Arcade Edition version, but I haven't had a chance to do that because of all the other things I'm up to," he said.

"At the company, we're debating should we go for an AE port on 3DS? Should we skip that and go straight to Street Fighter x Tekken? There are a lot of things up in the air, so I can't say for sure what our next 3DS project will be."

Ono added that he wanted to ensure that 3DS Street Fighter fans are "being taken care of".

"We just don't want to drop a game on them and run away. We'd like to keep the community going, communicate with them, and listen to their requests."

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