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Street Fighter X Tekken

Yoshinori Ono on crossing the streams.

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There was a time that Comic-Con was all about the comics. No more. Capcom and Namco Bandai's Street Fighter X Tekken announcement shocked fighting game fans around the world. How? Why? 3D versus 2D? What? Since then the questions have increased in number. So it is with great excitement that Eurogamer sits down with producer Yoshinori Ono to get some answers. Oh, and have we mentioned Street Fighter on 3DS?

Eurogamer Are the fundamentals of SvT's fighting system the same as Street Fighter IV's? Will fans be able to seamlessly transition into the game?
Yoshinori Ono

Yes. We're working on the sweet spot. In terms of gameplay, as a Street Fighter fan, you'll have no problems. There is no barrier. You can just play it as if it was Street Fighter.

For Tekken players, we understand they're going to be quite wary and they're going to think the game system's very different. We're going to have Tekken but with eight-direction stick and six buttons. I'm definitely sure they won't have a problem either, but because we know they're going to be quite wary, we reckon the Tekken fans will start off slow but grow exponentially because they know it's still Tekken as well.

Eurogamer Will the Focus attack from Street Fighter IV be in the game? Will the Ultra and Super system be in it?
Yoshinori Ono

Super combo and Ultra combo are a part of the Street Fighter genome, so we can't take that out. In terms of Focus attack, that was only there because of the Street Fighter-style mind-reading type of game. When it comes to Street Fighter X Tekken, that kind of rhythm will differ a little bit, and Focus attack may not be the most appropriate system.

So we will come up with something that probably advances the tempo and rhythm a bit more. But we have to come up with something new for that one.

Eurogamer So the Focus attack won't be in the game?
Yoshinori Ono

Next time this year I might be saying something completely different, but for the moment we've taken Focus attack off the candidate list and we're trying to devise something new.

Street Fight X Tekken reveal trailer.
Eurogamer Will Street Fighter X Tekken be a slow game, like Street Fighter IV, or will it be fast, like Marvel vs. Capcom 3?
Yoshinori Ono

It's not going to be as fast as Marvel vs. Capcom 3 because I simply can't catch up with that speed. So, if you could think of Street Fighter II dash Turbo minus...

Eurogamer Right. Is it a problem making Tekken characters work on a 2D plane?
Yoshinori Ono

Back in Comic-Con when Harada [Tekken director] and I showed the gameplay demo, we were quite surprised they fit very well - contrary to what people thought. We're quite confident at the moment that it's not going to be a problem.

Even before all the discussion of Street Fighter X Tekken came up, we were obviously quite curious of each other's fighting game. We've been always discussing about it, half-heartedly obviously, that we should do this sort of project.

There have been signs of some tags, possibilities that we could do this. At the moment, it was all about, do we do Tekken in Street Fighter style, or do we do Street Fighter in Tekken style? That was the biggest question. Now that question has been answered, I don't foresee any problem in bringing Tekken characters into Street Fighter, and they will fit in as if they were always there.

Eurogamer Will you create any brand new characters just for this game?
Yoshinori Ono

I don't know about Tekken X Street Fighter, because that's Namco Bandai's business. But in terms of Capcom's Street Fighter X Tekken, we will pick the characters depending on their popularity and propriety of the character to the game system.

I think we're going to do an all-star game. I mean, obviously not with all the characters, but with all the existing characters. So it won't be like it was in Street Fighter IV, where there were completely new characters like Rufus, or in Super Street Fighter IV, Juri and Hakan. We're currently not thinking about those type of characters. We're picking the roster from existing characters.

Eurogamer Bit of a personal one: will Guile be in the game?
Yoshinori Ono

I want to say, if we don't put Guile in, who's going to be in the game? But, we say that and you write about it... We will say, most likely and probably, but not sure.