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Nintendo 3DS Seeing is Believing tour

Glasses free 3D in UK shopping centres.

Nintendo is taking its upcoming handheld the 3DS on tour so gamers can check out the glasses free visuals up close and personal.

The Nintendo 3DS Seeing is Believing tour kicks off on 24th February, and will take in city centres across the UK.

The tour spends four days in each location. It begins in Braehead, Glasgow and St Andrews Square in Edinburgh. From 3rd March it'll be at the Metro Centre in Newcastle. From 10th March it'll live in the Westfield Shopping Centre in London.

From 17th March the 3DS will be in Lakeside in Thurrock. Then Westfield, Derby from 24th March and, on launch day (25th March), it'll be in the CentreMK, Milton Keynes and Covent Garden, London.

Nintendo is keen to get consumers in front of the Nintendo 3DS before it launches so its unique selling point: its 3D visuals, can be fully understood. They don't translate well in screenshots. Bah.

Games confirmed as playable at the events are Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, Pilotwings Resort, nintendogs + cats and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D.