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GAME's £190 Nintendo 3DS trade-in price

If you trade it in by 25th April.

Shop GAME will give you a trade-in price of £190 on the £196.99 Nintendo 3DS if you bring it back within a month of buying it.

This price is guaranteed only if you trade the Nintendo 3DS in by 25th April, MCV reports.

There are a few conditions, however. The order must be placed online, and you must keep hold of your packing receipt. GAME's in-store Nintendo 3DS price is £220.

If you want to trade for cash, you'll get £180 – effectively meaning the Nintendo 3DS, which goes on sale on 25th March, costs £17 to rent for a month from GAME.

It's all part of GAME's Play Now / Trade Later offer. A similar promotion was attached to Atari's online-enabled racer Test Drive Unlimited 2 – GAME guaranteed a buy back price of £34.99 on the 40 quid game.