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Bach: 70-80% of pubs doing Natal games

MS wants third-parties "making money".

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Microsoft's Robbie Bach has revealed that "something like 70 or 80 per cent of the publishers in the world" are making games for Natal.

"Our model is certainly about third-party publishers making money," Bach told the Financial Post (via Joystiq) after dating Natal at CES 2010. "We design our system for third-party publishers.

"[Nintendo makes] most of their money through first-party games that Nintendo produces. That's absolutely their business model. And it's a great business model, it's just different, but it makes it hard for third-party publishers."

Microsoft's first-party developers will make a "few titles" to "show the way", added Bach, who hopes to kick-start the "breath and power of the ecosystem from our partners".

But Nintendo will not be Microsoft's only concern, as Sony's PS3 motion-sensing wand enters the market this spring as well.

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