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New games on WiiWare, DSiWare and VC

Shinobi! Stunt Cars! Art Academy 2.

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Nintendo's Friday WiiWare, Virtual Console and DSiWare update brings six new games to the table.

On WiiWare you can tear around hair-raising courses in Stunt Cars and relax with a baseball bat in Stop Stress: A Day of Fury.

Each of those costs 800 Wii Points (£5.60/€8).

On DSiWare you can learn how to paint with Art Academy: Second Semester, roll a ball around in Move your Brain - Rollaway Puzzle or push crates around in Sokomania.

In order, those cost 800 DSi Points (£7.20/€7), 500 DSi Points (£4.50/€5) and 200 DSi Points (£1.80/€2).

On Virtual Console you'll find Shadow Dance: The Secret of Shinobi. This is a pricey glimpse at yesteryear at 800 Wii Points (£5.60/€8), but cheap considering this was the first Shinobi game with an attack dog! Get real! That would kill your face!

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