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Valve reveals L4D2 Versus changes

Infected bots in, auto-spawn out.

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Valve's working on a couple of tweaks to the Versus side of Left 4 Dead 2.

The first, AI bots for the infected, should even up the sides a bit.

Removal of auto-spawn from Versus finales is the second, and sounds to have been brayed for by the fans.

This will be monitored closely, however, so that Valve doesn't upset the survival rate of each scenario too much.

There's no date attached to these tweaks, but we're told they're being done to both PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

Meanwhile, Valve continues work on Left 4 Dead 2's first proper DLC add-on, The Passing. This is set in rural Georgia and brings the game's four survivors, plus the quartet from L4D1, together for the first time.

There will be a new co-op campaign as well as fresh Survival, Scavenge and Versus arenas. There will also be a new gun, melee weapon and infected type.

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