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Interplay claims 2012 beta for Project V13

The game that could be Fallout Online.

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Interplay has said that its "post-apocalyptic massively multiplayer online game", codenamed Project V13, will enter public beta in 2012.

Most observers agree that Project V13 is intended to be the Fallout MMO that Interplay has been talking about since 2004. However, its right to make that game is currently being disputed in the law courts by Fallout rights holder Bethesda.

The beta news came in a press release announcing that Interplay had finalised its agreement to develop Project V13 with Bulgarian developer Masthead, currently making Earthrise - a, guess what, post-apocalyptic MMO. (Good spot, Videogamer.)

"Masthead's technology is impressive and perfect for our Project V13," said Interplay chief Herve Caen. "Its team is passionate to bring our vision and gameplay to the market. This MMOG will have many unique features that we will disclose before launch of the public beta in 2012."

In fact, Masthead's involvement with Project V13 was confirmed back in April last year.

Meanwhile, the court case has also turned up a "World of Warcraft type MMO" in development at Bethesda, although this is believed to be an Elder Scrolls game rather than a rival Fallout project.

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