Fallout Online

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Bethesda loses Fallout MMO appeal

Interplay project can go ahead.

Work can continue on Interplay's planned Fallout MMO after Bethesda lost an appeal upholding a court's decision to deny it a preliminary injunction against the developer.

Bethesda denied Fallout restraining order

Court throws out action against MMO dev.

A court has dismissed Bethesda's request for a restraining order against Masthead, who is supposedly co-developing a planned Fallout MMO with Interplay.

Fallout Online: Interplay in trouble

Financial strife could affect MMO.

Post-apocalyptic massively multiplayer online game Fallout Online could be dead before launch after it emerged publisher Interplay is close to financial ruin.

Bethesda claims "Interplay is wrong"

Fallout MMO tussle heats up.

Bethesda Softworks has hit back at Interplay's claim that the latest in a long line of attempts to derail its planned Fallout MMO was "absurd".

Interplay: Bethesda Fallout suit "absurd"

Legal wranglings over MMO drag on.

The long-running legal dispute over a planned Fallout MMO has taken a fresh turn this week, with the mooted game's developer Interplay dubbing Bethesda's latest legal claim against it "absurd".

Battle over Fallout Online MMO rages on

Bethesda and Interplay still going at it.

The future of MMO Fallout Online was cast in doubt today after it emerged that Bethesda and Interplay were still embroiled in a thought-settled lawsuit over the post-apocalyptic IP.

Interplay: Fallout Online launch in 2012

Interplay: Fallout Online launch in 2012

Bethesda "miss a lot of the humour".

Long-in development MMO Fallout Online will launch in the second half of 2012, Interplay has promised.

In an interview with Edge magazine Interplay president Eric Caen said 2012 will also see a Fallout Online beta.

Caen's comments will no doubt reassure fans troubled by the legal dispute between Interplay and Fallout 3 creator Bethesda over the game.

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Interplay teases Fallout Online

Art and stories appear in newsletter.

Still eager to prove that it's actually making Fallout Online, Interplay has started sending out teaser newsletters to people who sign up at the MMO's website - and has announced the fact in a press release.

Fallout Online seeking beta sign-ups

Fallout Online seeking beta sign-ups

Interplay MMO taking shape?

Interplay's massively multiplayer Fallout title now has a website and that website is encouraging people to sign up for a beta test.

Check out the Fallout Online website if you want to do that, which you probably do.

Publisher Interplay has had legal and financial difficulties for some time - perhaps the latter explains why its website is hosted on a 56k modem - but hopefully this latest news is an indication that it's moving in the right direction.

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Fallout lawsuit continues - Bethesda

Fate of Interplay's MMO hangs in balance.

A flicker of hope that the legal dispute between Interplay and Bethesda over the rights to Fallout might have been resolved has been quickly stamped out by Bethesda.

Interplay claims 2012 beta for Project V13

Interplay claims 2012 beta for Project V13

The game that could be Fallout Online.

Interplay has said that its "post-apocalyptic massively multiplayer online game", codenamed Project V13, will enter public beta in 2012.

Most observers agree that Project V13 is intended to be the Fallout MMO that Interplay has been talking about since 2004. However, its right to make that game is currently being disputed in the law courts by Fallout rights holder Bethesda.

The beta news came in a press release announcing that Interplay had finalised its agreement to develop Project V13 with Bulgarian developer Masthead, currently making Earthrise - a, guess what, post-apocalyptic MMO. (Good spot, Videogamer.)

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Interplay releases Fallout MMO art

They are making one. Honest.

Interplay has released some concept art images for its Fallout MMO in an effort to prove that the game is actually being made.

Interplay's Fallout MMO on the ropes

As Bethesda attempts to terminate deal.

Interplay's Fallout MMO may never see the light of day as Bethesda attempts to terminate the licensing agreement with a lawsuit filed last week.

Bethesda may sue over Fallout MMO

Claims Interplay hasn't started work.

Financial papers from Interplay suggest that Bethesda might sue the struggling publisher over its planned Fallout MMO.

Masthead working on Interplay's MMO

It's Fallout. We know it's Fallout.

Interplay has announced that it's bringing Bulgarian outfit Masthead Studios in on its "Project V13" MMO - the game that is so obviously Fallout Online.

Fallout creator leaves MMO for inXile

"More stable" than Interplay project.

Fallout co-creator Jason Anderson has joined fellow Interplay veteran Brian Fargo at his inXile studio, where he's working on a new single-player RPG.

Interplay's Fallout MMO confirmed

Interplay's Fallout MMO confirmed

Original dev Chris Taylor working on it.

On its new website, back-from-the-dead publisher Interplay has as good as confirmed that it has begun development on a Fallout MMO.

The company said last year that it was seeking funding for the project.

Now, the company's site has announced the opening of a new studio in Orange County, California dedicated to development of its "new MMO, code-named Project V13, headed by original creators of Fallout".

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Interplay re-opens dev studio

Rummages around old portfolio.

Revitalised US publisher Interplay has re-opened its internal development studio in an attempt to rekindle some of its old magic.

Interplay plans Fallout MMO

Will revitalise publisher.

Resurgent US publisher Interplay has said it is working on Fallout Online, a game that will play a key role in its future plans.

Interplay plans Fallout MMORPG amongst others

Herve Caen outlines the publisher's plan to enter the world of massively multiplayer online games.

Troubled publisher Interplay is planning to dabble in MMORPGs, and may begin with post-apocalyptic RPG series Fallout, according to comments made by CEO Herve Caen in the wake of another round of disappointing financial results.