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Activision confirms new DJ Hero game

Begins campaign for "undiscovered" talent.

Activision's confirmed "a future instalment" in the DJ Hero series, but stopped short of adding a number two to the name.

"Do you want your song mashed up in the next DJ Hero?" Activision asked musicians attending the huge MIDEM music show in Cannes, France later this month.

Those that do will have their submissions judged at a Listening Session at MIDEM on 27th January - "providing one lucky undiscovered musician the priceless opportunity to have their winning song mixed, mastered and featured in a future instalment of DJ Hero".

Activision didn't add anything more when contacted this afternoon.

French DJ David Guetta outed a new DJ Hero game earlier this month when he told the world he was working on "the number two version".

DJ Hero debuted last October, spinning into living rooms with a turntable peripheral and hefty £100 price tag.

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