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Warner Bros. signs Sesame Street deal

New games to work with wand and Natal.

Warner Bros. has signed an agreement to produce a new series of games based on classic kids' TV show Sesame Street.

The terms of the deal were not revealed but are presumably A-OK with company president Martin Tremblay, who said the games will be aimed at pre-school console users.

According to the Associated Press, which annoyingly thought of a joke about being brought to you by the letters W and B first, release dates have yet to be announced. However, it has been suggested the games will make use of Sony and Microsoft's new motion-controller technology.

"That makes it very easy and is developmentally appropriate for preschoolers, as opposed to dealing with a very complex controller," said Sesame Workshop's Terry Fitzpatrick. "We also think that kind of technology will make it incredibly fun for parents with a preschooler to be engaged around a gaming activity together."

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