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New games based on BBC shows coming

Doctor Who! Night Garden! Top Gear.

The BBC is set to have another go at producing games based on its most-loved TV shows.

According to MCV, BBC Worldwide is hoping to work with developers and publishers to knock up tie-ins for Doctor Who, Top Gear, In the Night Garden and more. The games will be produced for platforms such as iPhone and Facebook as well as Wii and DS.

"We are open to conversations with anybody in games about all kinds of business models to see how we can extract more value," said children's and licensing MD Neil Ross Russell.

"What we’re trying to do is build the brands here - this is not about opportunistic licensing. If we wanted to do that we would have done more with these key brands over the last few years."

The BBC has hired Robert Nashak, a former EA and Yahoo exec, to head up the digital entertainment division.

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