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MOH has multiple playable characters

A few MOH details ahead of previews.

EA's new Medal of Honor game features multiple playable characters, according to the UK's Official Xbox Magazine.

A teaser for the new issue, out this week, also reveals that players will be able to shoot out lights, use night-vision, sprint and knife as a melee attack, "similar to Call of Duty".

The new Medal of Honor is set in Afghanistan and focuses on Tier 1 Operators, several of whom have helped developer EA Los Angeles in its quest for authenticity. "Tier 1" is a US special forces designation that means they're pretty wicked at being special forces.

A recent trailer, said to be "100 per cent in-game footage" by MOH's executive producer, also showed vehicles.

The game's due out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this autumn.

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Medal Of Honor

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