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EA promises to stabilise MOH servers

Suggests PS3 Online Pass workaround.

EA will stabilise servers running controversial first-person shooter Medal of Honor as more players join the fray.

Some players are already reporting issues with Medal of Honor's servers just hours after its US release.

"We'll keep constantly stabilizing the #MOH servers as the influx of people increases," read an official tweet.

Meanwhile, EA revealed Medal of Honor comes with two executables: one for single-player and one for multiplayer.

The game's single-player was created by Danger Close Studios and the multiplayer developed by Battlefield studio DICE.

Some PlayStation 3 owners are already reporting problems redeeming EA's Online Pass, a code that comes with new copies of the game and unlocks online features.

EA suggests redeeming your code through the PlayStation Store as a workaround. There's more in this thread on the official EA forum.

The game's out on Friday in the UK. Eurogamer's review will go live at 2pm BST.

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Medal Of Honor

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