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DICE clarifies Battlefield 3 beta, alpha

Alpha "closed" to Medal of Honor owners.

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The Battlefield 3 alpha test is not the same as the beta test, DICE has explained. Therefore, Medal of Honor: Limited Edition owners are not eligible to join the alpha test.

"The alpha is a closed test and by invitation only," wrote DICE on its website.

"If you'd like to have a chance to be called upon, make sure to register for our newsletter and ensure your Veteran status is up to date.

"We are also not giving away keys to the alpha trial on any of our social networking platforms."

DICE explained that the alpha trial will be a "highly tech focused test period" concentrating on "server related tests".

"The open beta will start in September," DICE went on to state. "The exact date for when Medal of Honor: Limited Edition players can join the Beta will be announced at a later date."

The newsletter that went out to MOH Limited Edition owners recently is notification of eligibility for the BF3 beta. "It is, however, not a ticket or a code," DICE wrote.

"If you purchased a copy of Medal of Honor with the Battlefield 3 beta sticker on it, you are eligible for the beta.

"If you have not received the newsletter, make sure you opt in on your EA Profile to receive them.

"Also, if you haven't received the newsletter and own a copy of Medal of Honor: Limited edition, you are eligible to play in the beta."

Note that second-hand copies of the MOH Limited Edition don't count.

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