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Battlefield 3 Reality Mod due out this week

Seven years in the making.

A new Reality Mod for Battlefield 3 is due out this week.

It's been in development for seven years by over 80 contributors and will now finally be released on 17th July.

The mod aims to "create an immersive gameplay and a more realistic experience", with a focus on team play, communication and combined arms.

Battlefield 2042 | Season 1: Zero Hour Gameplay Trailer

That means reworked gameplay and a new UI for more tactical team play, including tweaked player movement speed, artillery strikes, a new spawn system, and altered weapon handling.

There are also new visual features, in-game VOIP, and battles of over one hundred players.

To use the mod, players will need a legit copy of Battlefield 3 with all DLCs.

Check out the mod website for all information.

BF3: Reality Mod - v0.1 Release Trailer

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