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Ridiculously well-hidden Battlefield 3 Easter egg discovered

"We have spotted a hostile Goldfarb in your area!"

It's now nearing two years since Battlefield 3 was released, and another Easter egg has just been discovered in the game.

DICE previously hinted at a further secret to be found within the game's audio files, which YouTuber Jackfrags has finally pinned down after a lot of leg-work and a bit of help.

The Easter egg relates to spotting anti-aircraft, and the audio messages that play when this is registered in the game. Commo Rose (not Camaros) voice over man Tomas Danko recorded a special version of this message to be played under very specific circumstances - conditions so specific that nobody is known to have heard and recorded the secret so far.

The circumstances are so hard to replicate that Jackfrags only managed to hunt down the audio by locating it in a rip of the game's files after hints from Danko himself.

"We have spotted a hostile Goldfarb in your area," the message states, referring, bizarrely, to ex-DICE level designer and writer David Goldfarb. "I repeat, hostile Goldfarb in your area. Proceed with extreme caution."

Hear the full story on the Easter egg's discovery in the video below.

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