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Medal of Honor trailer "100% in-game"

Developer answers questions about reboot.

Electronic Arts has said that the recently released Medal of Honor trailer is "100 per cent in-game footage".

Speaking on the official website, executive producer Greg Goodrich also confirmed that the rebooted first-person shooter series has vehicle gameplay.

The new Medal of Honor takes place in Afghanistan and focuses on a group of "Tier 1 Operators". Goodrich explained that Tier 1 is a designation given to only a few units in the US special forces structure. Basically it means they're pretty wicked.

He also said that the man with the beard on the box artwork "is indeed a character" and will be revealed "along with his highly skilled and very specialised Tier 1 unit" in due course.

Goodrich also addressed the apparent tonal similarities between the new Medal of Honor and Activision's rival Modern Warfare series. He confirmed the game will be the first M-rated instalment in the previously World War II-based series. "However," he added, "we will always be grounded by our core tenets of authenticity and respect for the soldier."

Elsewhere, the executive producer said the team took the PC version of the game "as seriously as we do any other version", and said you'd be able to kick in doors. Woo.

Medal of Honor is due out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in autumn 2010.