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EA announces new Medal of Honor

Set in present day Afghanistan, due 2010.

EA has officially announced the new Medal of Honor game for release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2010.

Simply called "Medal of Honor", the game is set in present-day Afghanistan and focuses on Tier 1 Operators - super army soldiers, in other words - who get involved in situations all around the world.

"The development team has been working closely with Tier 1 Operators from the US Special Operations Community since the earliest stages of development to create the most authentic modern war experience," EA said in a press release.

While EALA works to create a "best-in-class" single-player campaign, EA DICE will work on multiplayer.

"When we first set out to reinvent Medal of Honor, we wanted to stay true to its roots of authenticity and respect for the soldier but bring it into today's war. The Tier 1 Operator is the most disciplined, deliberate and prepared warrior on the battlefield. He is a living, breathing, precision instrument of war," said Greg Goodrich, executive producer.

"We are honoured to have the rare opportunity to work closely with these men to create a game that shares their experience."

The packshot (see left for the Xbox 360 version) shows a bearded, sunglasses-wearing Tier 1 Operator clutching a rifle. The colour scheme - white shifting to black - suggests EA is aiming for a similar shades-of-grey approach to its great rival, Call of Duty, which "went modern" just over two years ago.

The fact EA is targeting Medal of Honor for 2010 suggests that EA isn't leaving things to chance, mind you - following the release of Modern Warfare 2 last month, 2010 is an off year for Infinity Ward.

EA Games' vice president Nick Earl made headlines last month when his internal comments about the project leaked. He said it looked "simply stunning" in a mail to staff.