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Iranian state TV accidentally airs Medal of Honor footage

Not a raid on ISIS troops, as reported.

Iranian state TV has broadcast footage it claimed was a Hezbollah sniper shooting six ISIS soldiers in just two minutes.

The video is actually footage of someone playing EA's 2010 shooter Medal of Honor.

Several TV networks in Iran and Saudia Arabia picked up the video, Gizmodo reports. The clip is currently being passed around online under the guise of gory battlefield footage.

It's unclear where the video was originally uploaded.

Here's footage of the mission in question from Medal of Honor (from around the 2:40 minute mark):

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play Medal of Honor (2010) - Part 11 - Long Distance Sniper Mission (Gameplay & Commentary)

Now, here's the same mission being broadcast on TV in Iran:

Cover image for YouTube video

To be fair to Iranian state TV - not a sentence you type very often - UK broadcasters have made similar mistakes in the past.

ITV memorably mislabelled Arma 2 footage as video of a 1988 IRA terrorist attack. It apologised and blamed the incident on "an unfortunate case of human error".

Russia Today was caught out with a promotional image from Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain which it broadcast in a segment on real-life child soldiers.

And old Auntie has slipped up too: BBC News aired the logo of Halo's fictitious United Nations Space Command instead of the real-world United Nations Security Council. It apologised and said the mistake would not be repeated.