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Microsoft reveals Game Room pricing

£2 for a cabinet, 38p per play.

Microsoft's announced the pricing for the newly announced Game Room for Xbox Live and Games for Windows - Live.

Playing a game will cost 40 MSP; that's 38 pence here but 50 cents over in the US - two quarters.

It's more expensive to own an arcade, because although the space itself is free, each game cabinet costs 240 MSP (£2/€2.80) - 400 MSP (£3.40/€4.65) if you want it on both PC and Xbox 360.

That sounds quite pricey to us, not to mention the currently unknown price of decorations to wow visiting friends with.

Game Room was announced last night at the Microsoft CES 2010 keynote. There'll be 30 classic game cabinets to buy at launch, and a total of 1000 to be available in the next three years.

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